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MS 64.3    定價NT$119800

High-End 3-way component system with 1.6" / 40 mm tweeter, 4" / 10 cm midrange and 6.5" / 16 cm mid-woofer



Product Speclflcation





MS 64.3


The ultimate sound experience without compromise


The M-Line represents the top end product you can get from GermanMAESTRO right now. All the knowledge about speaker engineering and all the experience and skills in manufacturing high-end loudspeakers are combined in this product.


The result is a high-end audio system in an impressively high series production quality, which is usually just known for products coming from small manufactures. Proudly, we manufacture this high-end audio system in our factory in Obrigheim, Germany. All build parts we are using are strictly selected.

Each driver is handmade with great passion and attention to detail.

After the final assembling, each driver passes a very accurate quality control with precise frequency response measuring to ensure that each M-Line system which is leaving our company will sound a 100% like the series reference sample and thus have a constantly high sound quality. 

In order to achieve an outstanding sound performance and a surprising high power handling, we are using several exclusive technologies which make the M-Line become such a superb sounding and performing audio system.


Most of those technologies have been simulated with the finite element method (FEM), a numerical procedure for solving differential equations. By using this method in combination with a lot of experience, the M-Line is one of the most noble and best performing aftermarket car-hifi systems in the world.


As a result, the listener will experience breathtaking fine resolution with amazing attention to detail, an impressive dynamic range with immediate response, a very well balanced tonality over the whole frequency range (28Hz – 32.000Hz) and a very solid sound stage with very precise positioning.



Diameter T/W:


Power Handling: 

Freq. Response: 


Crossover Frequency: 



40 mm (1.6“) / 10 cm (4“) / 16 cm (6.5“)


90 W RMS / 295 W Max.

28 – 32.000 Hz

209 / 2.350 Hz 12dB / 12dB / 12dB / 12dB

86 dB (2,83V/1m)




The MT 40 WS with UltraSphere™ technology is a very high-resolution tweeter and one important component of the M-Line.

Thanks to the special geometry of the inverted, pure titanium dome, the MT 40 WS has a very wide sound irradiation which helps to have an amazing sound stage in the car with no lack of acoustical information, even if the listening position is out of the axis of the tweeter, which can happen at some car installations.


A high power neodymium magnet system grants best efficiency and uncompromising performance. Extra thick connection wires ensure that there will be no loss of the signal. 


In addition, a nano-ceramic coating on the tweeter dome eliminates even smallest reflections within the dome and helps to get a very sharp and detailed sound resolution without any distortion.


The M-Line crossovers have been engineered for fitting together all components of the M-Line 2-way or 3-way systems in the best possible way. 

The size of the crossover allows keeping enough space left between the build parts which are used in order to bring down interferences to the lowest possible level. The open enclosure design causes a high degree of ventilation which is important for cooling down all the critical build parts. In this way, an optimum allocation of heat between all build parts can happen when the hifi system is playing.


Thanks to the overall very high quality of the build parts and their well considered placement, the M-Line crossovers are a very neutral link in the chain between amplifier and loudspeaker. For processing the very filigree tweeter signal, we solely use high-end film capacitors. For Midrange and Woofer,electrolytic capacitors with extremely narrow tolerances are used. The coils used for the low-pass filter of the crossover are engineered to perfectly fit to their application regarding specifications and design. Due to the high quality of the used build parts and the special layout, this crossover is very neutral regarding the tonality of the music signal. At the end, this safes a pure and original sound signal which is just distributed to the corresponding driver of the audio system without any further interference.


The tweeter level can be adjusted in 4 steps, the midrange level in 3 steps (MS64.3). This possibility allows fitting the single drivers perfectly together according the installation situation once the M-line has been installed in a car.

Midrange & Woofer Drivers

The MM 4008 midrange driver and the MW 6508 woofer driver are using nano-ceramic coated polypropylene membranes with an optimized geometry. 

Thanks to this geometry, the frequency response is optimized, especially in the midrange, which results in a very linear acoustical behavior of both drivers. The nano-ceramic coating is increasing the stiffness of the membrane to give additional stabilization at higher volumes and reflections inside the membrane are minimized to avoid distortions.


Big, edge wound, 25mm voice coils for the midrange and 38mm voice coils for the woofer guarantee enough power handling to get out the maximum result of dynamics and fine resolution from the speaker system. Gold coated connection terminals at the driver baskets ensure a very low contact resistance for an optimum connection to the speaker cable.


Both drivers are using ultra compact, high efficiency neodymium magnet systems at the highest quality which is available on the market. The t-yoke within the magnet system has been optimized by FEM technology to increase the use of the magnetic energy provided by the magnet system and keep the magnetic field stable along the way where the voice coil is moving. This is increasing the linear movement of the voice coil and brings the sound reproduction on a very high-end level.


The whole basket of both drivers is made from aluminum and it is optimized for the best possible heat removal from the voice coil to the outer basket. This technology, we call CTC (concerted thermal compensation). By using this technology, it is possible to have smallest driver dimensions at a still very high power handling.

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