C 62C     定價NT$49900

High-End 2-way component system with 1" / 25 mm tweeter and 6.5" / 165 mm mid-woofer

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Product Speclflcation

C 62C


The new reference speakers in the competition series raise the bar to a new height for fantastic sound quality. The legendary sisal woofer cones were equipped with an additional structural damping layer made of elastomer, which improves the acoustic properties yet again. The tweeter enclosure also underwent a complete overhaul. Anyone who wants to operate these loudspeakers as fully active speakers (e.g. using our new digital signal processors) can put together the system of their choice by combining the individual components.

Like the loudspeaker systems, the frequency crossovers of the components systems have also been optimized even further. Made up of the finest components, they offer, in addition to the adjustment of the tweeter level, the option of connecting a second woofer for each channel without any change in the crossover frequencies. The so-called “double woofer mode” provides for additional pressure in the kick-bass range.



150 / 300 Watts

47 Hz - 25000 Hz

56 Hz

91 dB 1 W / 1 m

4 Ohms

67 mm

150 / 300 Watts

47 Hz - 25,000 Hz

4 Ω

91 dB

TW: Silk dome
M: -

W: Sisal with elastomer structural damping

12/12 dB with tweeter level adjustment and double woofer mode

TW: 50 mm / 2"
M: -

W: 166 mm / 6.54"

TW: 44 mm / 1.73"
M: -
W: 145 mm / 5.71"

TW: 20.50 mm / 0.81"
M: -
W: 67 mm / 2.64"


Power RMS / max.

Frequency response


Efficiency 1 W / 1 m

Cone material


Outer diameter

Installation diameter


Installation depth



  • Woofer with sturdy aluminum die-cast basket

  • Large coupling volumes for tweeter allows exceptionally low crossover frequency

  • New woofer cone with scooped, long-fi bered sisal with additional elastomer structural damping

  • Virtually compression-free conversion of the amplifier power into sound pressure

  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of selected materials

  • Frequency crossover with tweeter-level adjustment and double woofer mode

  • Made in Germany